Welcome to Wardlow and Grace Art.

Here at Wardlow and Grace we are exploring our world through artwork. We are offering original art, in both oil paint and acrylic paint, which excites our creativity. We gather inspiration from our surroundings and occasionally mix things up with some of our more abstract ideas. Our work not only views the world through a physical appearance but also a deeper energetic awareness which can add another dimension to your home or workplace.

Our new and exciting collaboration, ‘Perceptions’ takes us on a journey which highlights the way people often see things differently. Each day we can all view the same object or occurrence but react differently to it. We have brought our skills together and while working on the same subject, using different mediums, we are showing examples of this differing ‘perception’.

Duncan and Lesley produce artwork which can be purchased individually or both pieces in the Perceptions range are available together.

We offer a wide range of original artwork alongside our limited edition prints.