Wardlow and Grace are exploring life through creativity. We connect with and celebrate the beauty and power of nature through our paintings and explore spirituality and magic through our esoteric practices.

 Duncan and Lesley are artists and spiritual practitioners.  Lesley is a Reiki Master / teacher, animal healer, communicator and spiritual mentor.   She
has worked all over the world and continues to run groups and workshops both in person and online.  You can find out more about Lesley’s spiritual work here. 

When not painting in the studio Duncan can be found creating hand crafted wooden wands, walking staffs, ceremonial staffs and Runes using a sharp blade in the traditional way which makes each piece unique.  All of his work is imbued with channelled energy from the natural world.  Many of his wands are made with rare woods that have specific energetic properties.

‘Perceptions’ is an interesting collaborative project that overtime is evolving. This takes us on a journey that highlights the way people often see
things differently. Each day several people can view the same object or occurrence but respond differently to it. Using our skills whilst working on
the same subject, we are showing examples of these unique ‘perceptions’.

  • Hand Carved Wands

    Hand Carved Wands (1)

    Hand carved using traditional blade method. Each wand is unique.
  • Grace Art

    Grace Art (30)

    Lesley Grace. Artist working in oil paint. Traditional art and spiritual art
  • Wardlow Art

    Wardlow Art (34)

    Duncan Wardlow international selling Artist. Working in Acrylic, oil paint and ink. Traditional art and contemporary art. Duncan is famed for his 'Little Bird' series of paintings.
  • Perceptions

    Perceptions (15)

    Two artists, when given the same subject, can express themselves in very different ways – just as people see things differently in everyday life. The 'Perceptions' collection of paintings where Duncan and Lesley are presented with a title or reference to the same subject and both paint an individual picture.  The idea of this project is born out of a…
  • Abstract Art

    Abstract Art (18)

    A range of original abstract art painted in oils and acrylic. Exploring form, colour and energy of the subject.
  • animal art

    animal art (20)

    A range of oil and acrylic original paintings born out of Duncan and Lesley's love and appreciation of animals, both wild and domestic.
  • Art for the Soul

    Art for the Soul (36)

    A range of paintings to speak to the soul. That spark of energy that is contained within us that connects all. Original acrylic and oil paintings and original prints.
  • Flower Art

    Flower Art (5)

    A range of original paintings celebrating the beauty of flowers in both still life form and natural form. Original oil and acrylic paintings.
  • Landscape

    Landscape (31)

    A range of original landscape paintings in acrylic, oil and acrylic paint. Capturing the essence of the land.
  • Nature Art

    Nature Art (26)

    A range of original art inspired by a love of the natural world. Original oil paintings and acrylics.
  • Art for Children

    Art for Children (8)

    A range of original art and prints that add a touch of playful joy to nurseries, childrens' bedrooms, playrooms or anywhere requiring a bright playful ambience.
  • still life

    still life (6)

    Original still life paintings in oil and acrylic, capturing a moment in time.
  • Gift Voucher

    Gift Voucher (1)

    The perfect gift for art lovers.